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Jeff Gordon: 'You ruin a person's day then there are consequences'

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It wasn’t just Brad Keselowski causing him to spin. What really upset Jeff Gordon was Keselowski walking away from him on pit road.

When Jeff Gordon walked over to confront Brad Keselowski, it wasn't with the intent of fighting. Rather, it was with the hope that Keselowski would apologize for a bold move that had left Gordon with a flat tire.

But Keselowski offered little explanation in Gordon's estimation and further angered the four-time Cup champion by walking away following Sunday's race at Texas Motor Speedway. A fight then broke out involving both drivers and their respective teams.

"I have no issue with a guy being aggressive and making a bold move," Gordon said Friday at Phoenix International Raceway. "If you win the race and the guy that you slam finishes third or fourth I will be the first one to stand up and say, ‘That was awesome, great move.' But when you don't win the race and you ruin a person's day then there are consequences that you are going to have to deal with. How you handle yourself after that is a part of that."

On a restart in the first of two overtimes, Keselowski tried to drive through a narrow hole between Jimmie Johnson and Gordon, who were racing for the lead. When Keselowski attempted the pass he struck Gordon, cutting the left-rear tire on the No. 24 car and causing Gordon to spin out.

Gordon admits there was an opening between himself and Johnson, but one not large enough for Keselowski to squeeze through without hitting someone. If the roles were reversed Gordon wouldn't have attempted the pass, because, "I would have known what the results were going to be, which is pretty much what they were."

Already upset, Gordon's frustration was only compounded when Keselowski offered little remorse over what transpired.

"You want somebody to have a little bit of sympathy," Gordon said. "Doesn't mean you have to take back what you did, it means you have to understand what it did for the other person. And that certainly is not the way that one was handled."

As for any lingering ramifications, Gordon said he isn't mad at Keselowski. However, going forward Gordon will race Keselowski similarly to how Keselowski raced him at Texas. The former series champions have not communicated this week and Gordon has no plans to seek out his counterpart.

"If I am in a situation that I feel like I can make a bold move that I think is going to help me win the race and he stands in the way then I'm going to do the same thing that he did to me last week," Gordon said. "The difference is if the same results happen how I'm going to deal with it afterwards and face him on that."

The only regret of Gordon's is that four Hendrick Motorsports crewmembers -- including three off the No. 24 team -- were suspended by NASCAR for multiple races. The suspensions come at an inopportune time, as Phoenix is the last race in Round 3 of the Chase for the Sprint Cup and Gordon is trying to earn a spot in next week's championship finale.

"That is the only regret I have is that it got them involved and got them in this situation to be suspended," Gordon said. "It's going to affect us because it is a change. You want those guys in there, they are the best and that is why they are in that position. It's going to make us have to step up our game."