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Reddit users help get Dogecoin car and Josh Wise into NASCAR All-Star Race

On the strength of monumental support from Reddit users, Josh Wise was voted into NASCAR’s All-Star Race.

Chris Graythen

Danica Patrick is undoubtedly famous, but her popularity has limits in the form of Dogecoin and Reddit.

On the strength of a grassroots campaign that began within the Reddit social media community and funded by Dogecoins, Josh Wise beat Patrick, last year's winner, to win the fan vote and gain entry into Saturday's All-Star Race at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

"I'm still trying to wrap my head around it," Wise said. "This is huge for me and our team. It really just started with a 16-year-old kid who posted something on about some good runs we had. And for whatever reason this huge, awesome community just got behind us.

"I'm just super thankful to be part of it, really. It's been a pretty cool experience."

Wise thanked folks via his Twitter account as well.

The announcement was made following Friday's Sprint Showdown where the top two finishers, Clint Bowyer and A.J. Allmendinger, also advanced to the All-Star Race featuring NASCAR's best drivers. Patrick and Wise finished 10th and 18th, respectively.

"For you and your community to beat Danica out, that is saying something," said Bowyer, who took part in a Reddit AMA chat earlier in the week.

Danica Patrick's Week

Sensing a groundswell of support, Wise wasn't shocked he earned the vote and considered it a "definite possibility." Nonetheless, he was still overwhelmed: "What in the world," Wise said to Motor Racing Network when informed of the news.

The relationship between Dogecoin and Wise began in March when members of Reddit, inspired by Wise's underdog story, began collecting Dogecoins to fund Wise's No. 98 team, which most weeks is sponsorless, at Talladega Superspeedway.

Within a week $55,000 was raised.

"I feel this is a big deal for our sport because it is a lot of young kids and people from around the world," Wise said. "It's people who have never watched a NASCAR race but now have watched several. It's a pretty cool deal."

Creating an inspiring montage video was one of just many ways Reddit users solicited votes for Wise and were able to topple Patrick.