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Kevin Ward Jr. died of massive blunt trauma

An autopsy revealed Kevin Ward Jr. died of massive blunt trauma after being struck by the wheel of Tony Stewart’s sprint car.

Kevin Ward Jr. died of ''massive blunt trauma'' according to an autopsy conducted by the Ontario (N.Y.) County coroner Monday, said county sheriff Philip C. Povero during an afternoon press conference.

Ward, 20, was killed when the right-rear of Tony Stewart's sprint car hit him after Ward exited his car Saturday night at Canandaigua (N.Y.) Motorsports Park.

Povero said the investigation was "progressing along well" but declined to put a timetable on when it may conclude. Investigators are currently reconstructing the event and have spoken with individuals with expertise in dirt racing who can provide "relevant factual information" and "firsthand knowledge"

"As we speak, at this time, there are no facts that exist that support any criminal behavior or conduct or probable cause of a criminal act in this investigation," Povero said. "Again, I repeat that this is an open investigation. What I have just said is not indicative that the investigation is over or conclusions have been made, but that it is open and we are continuing to gather all information."

Investigators have seen two videos of the incident and spoken with eyewitnesses. Povero said his office has spoken with Stewart and his representatives, who "continue to be of assistance when necessary."

"No criminal charges have been placed against anyone and there are no facts at this point that would support probable cause of any criminal behavior," Povero said. "... We continue to collect facts and information."