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Wild NASCAR finish sees leaders wreck on final lap, then fight post-race

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After John Hunter Nemechek crashed Cole Custer to win Sunday’s Truck Series race, Custer expressed his anger by tackling Nemechek.

Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

In a finish that looked like something straight out of a Hollywood movie, John Hunter Nemechek and Cole Custer got into a fight following a close result in Sunday's NASCAR Truck Series race. Nemechek crashed Custer to win the race, then Custer retaliated by tackling Nemechek as he waited to receive the checkered flag from officials.

Nemechek was trailing Custer entering the final corner at the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park road course in Bowmanville, Ont., when he proceeded to shove Custer and himself off the track. The two trucks then stayed locked together as Nemechek and Custer went across the finish line, which extends into the grass, thereby making Nemechek the winner because he crossed it first.

As officials reviewed the finish to declare a finish, Nemechek walked to the flag stand to receive the checkered flag thinking he had won. It was then Custer sprinted at Nemechek and attempted a takedown that resembled a linebacker tackling a running back. Crew members from Custer's team quickly separated the two drivers.

"We didn't wreck him for the win. Rubbing's racing," Nemechek said in victory lane.