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Fumbled sandwich lands Kevin Harvick’s spotter in trouble with NASCAR

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Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Brickyard 400 - Practice Photo by Daniel Shirey/Getty Images

There’s no throwing food atop the spotter’s stand, a lesson Tim Fedewa learned after NASCAR punished Kevin Harvick’s spotter during Cup Series practice Saturday at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Fedewa, whose Stewart-Haas Racing team is sponsored by Jimmy John’s, regularly brings extra sandwiches with him to the spotter’s stand to share with other spotters. But as Fedewa was distributing the sandwiches by tossing them, a fellow spotter couldn’t handle the throw causing the snack to fall off the roof of the pagoda where spotters are stationed at Indianapolis.

Although the rogue hoagie didn’t fall onto the track but onto a patio area below the viewing position, NASCAR immediately revoked Fedewa’s hard card. This created a surreal moment where Fedewa had to explain to his team that a backup spotter was needed.

“Send somebody up here,” Fedewa radioed. “They took my hard card. A sandwich fell off the roof, and they’re mad. It was my sandwich.”

NASCAR later returned the hard card, a credential that allows team personnel access at tracks. Fedewa will not face further discipline, but did receive plenty of good-natured ribbing in the garage following the incident.