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Suns DJ samples Steve Kerr’s complaints about ‘loud techno music’ in perfect troll

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Lakers will reportedly not hang banner if they win In-Season Tournament

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NBA in-season tournament prizes: Money, awards, explained

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Adam Silver warns Warriors’ Paul over Scott Foster feud

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The Rudy Gobert trade suddenly looks genius for the Timberwolves

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NBA tournament: Bracket, scores, schedule, and predictions for knockout rounds

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Point Forward

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Big Deuce! (feat. Jayson Tatum)

Jayson Tatum joins Point Forward the Podcast this week! Last week, we flew to Boston to talk with the four-time NBA All-Star about growing up in St. Louis, raising his son in the spotlight, and the weight that comes along with wearing a historic Boston franchise across your chest. And for the age of only 25? He’s doing pretty damn good. 

Speaking of MVPs, the NBA is heading to Las Vegas this week for the in-season NBA Tournament. And while we still think there are way too many awards in circulation, we were very curious about the performances of two standouts in the current race for in-season NBA Tournament MVP: the young Tyrese Haliburton who is still going strong and the recently knocked-out De’Aaron Fox. And you know Andre had some thoughts on Fox after last year’s playoff series! 

Tune in. 

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Charles Barkley roasted Bob Myers amid Warriors’ downfall

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Utah Jazz coach calls 50-point loss ‘masterpiece of dog****’

Jayson Tatum vents about NBA in-season tournament’s bad tie-breaker on ‘Point Forward’

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Shams report: Celtics expected to be active, looking for bench depth

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Jayson Tatum on The Point Forward podcast: ‘I didn’t understand how special of a place Boston was until I got here’

NBA reveals Las Vegas in-season tournament court for final four

Lakers gifted clutch timeout by refs to screw Suns in NBA in-season tournament

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Officials say correct call was made in awarding Lakers late timeout vs. Suns

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Around the NCAAW Weekly: Zags zap Stanford

Tyrese Haliburton became NBA’s point guard of the future by mastering its past

Giannis Antetokounmpo surprised he’s earned money already in NBA in-season tournament

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Atlanta’s defensive shot profile is a disaster

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I regret(?) to inform you the Detroit Pistons are just a run-of-the-mill bad team

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This Week in Women’s Basketball: Maya, Mone lead WBHOF Class of 2024

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The Game Is Slowing Down For Anthony Edwards, The Playmaker

Patrick Beverley super fan achieves of dream of getting every jersey signed

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Around the NBA: Orlando’s magic tricks, the rising Suns, and confusion in LA

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The Detroit Pistons lack of accountability starts with Troy Weaver and Tom Gores

The Pistons are an embarrassment and the only way to fix it starts at the top

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The In-Season Tournament has potential but needs some tweaks

Mitchell Robinson inviting high school coach to live with him is NBA’s best feel-good story

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Yes, the Utah Jazz can make the playoffs

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The Dejounte Murray trade was the result of forced pragmatism

Lethal Shooter Q&A: How he’d help Shaq’s free throws, and weird tricks with Dwight Howard

Jordan Poole and Kyle Kuzma are the NBA’s worst, funniest 1-2 punch

The Magic recreated LeBron and Dwyane Wade’s most iconic dunk

The Bulls’ sad season is perfectly summed up by this Jaylen Brown dunk

Victor Wembanyama is unlike anything the NBA has seen before

Celtics hacked Andre Drummond while up big, and Billy Donovan had words for Joe Mazzula

Clippers got cooked by Reggie Jackson, DeAndre Jordan for most embarrassing loss yet

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The Numbers Crunch: Wizards end losing streak as Pistons misfire

Jordan Poole took time to showboat and got his shot blocked into the stratosphere