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NBA Mock Draft 2011: Bobcats Choose Jordan Hamilton At No. 9

The SB Nation 2011 NBA Mock Draft rolls on to pick No. 9, where Connor Huchton of SB Nation's Bobcats blog Rufus On Fire will make the pick for Charlotte. And that pick Texas small forward Jordan Hamilton. Connor's explanation follows.

With this pick, the Bobcats have several options. They have a glaring need for scoring from the wing position, as well as scoring and rebounding from a power forward or center. Some have speculated that they could take a scoring guard like Klay Thompson or Alec Burks, an athletic stalwart like Chris Singleton, or even the athletic defending and rebounding prospect Bismack Biyombo. However, these prospects are less likely to quickly improve the Bobcats in as many areas as Jordan Hamilton could.

Hamilton, a 6'8", 230 pound small forward out of the University of Texas, is best known for his ability to score (18.6 PPG during his recent sophomore season). He's a good shooter from the perimeter, something the Bobcats desperately lack. What often goes unnoticed by many when analyzing Hamilton is his keen sense of rebounding (8.7 rebounds per 36 minutes at Texas). If Hamilton can translate the offensive energy and skill set he showed while at Texas to the NBA, he could help solve a number of deficiencies in the Bobcats offense.

Of course, Hamilton's game is not without its own problems. His footwork and poise are often suspect on defense, and he often has questionable shot selection (though he improved in that facet over the last year). However, with a decreased offensive focus initially and further development, these problems could most likely be alleviated to some degree. Given that Hamilton would most likely be allowed to play decent minutes somewhat promptly with the Bobcats, his perimeter and rebounding strengths would be able to flourish. Because he provides two important abilities that the Bobcats often desperately need, Hamilton should be in heavy consideration for the Bobcats with their 9th pick.

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