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NBA Mock Draft 2011: Jazz Pick Jimmer Fredette At No. 12

With the No. 12 pick in the SB Nation 2011 NBA Mock Draft, our Utah Jazz blog SLC Dunk takes BYU star guard Jimmer Fredette. SLC Dunk's Basketball John explains the pick.

Jimmer. Jimmer, Jimmer, Jimmer, Jimmer. It's as if the Precogs had predicted this move years ago when Jimmer first picked up a basketball.

For this mock draft, Jimmer is the selection at 12. The Jazz were able to land Derrick Williams with the number three pick, thus allowing them to go with a point guard here. Kemba Walker and Brandon Knight are long gone at this point and the Jazz are in need of another guard; whether Jimmer would be used at the one or the two is to be decided.

Who knows how this marriage will work. The only way this pick works out is if Jimmer plays and Jimmer plays well. There would be a heap of pressure for him to perform in front of his loyal fans; that's something he's thrived on though. Can he do it at the NBA level? That's what everyone wants to know. If he doesn't play well, then what? Picking Jimmer would put pressure on the team and on the player. That might rock the relationship.

Kevin O'Connor has no qualms when it comes to making moves that agitate the fan base. So don't be surprised if the Jazz pass on Jimmer in this spot and instead take another player in this spot. There's a good chance that in the real draft he doesn't have to make that choice. Jimmer may be gone and prove the Precogs wrong.

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