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NBA Mock Draft 2011: Knicks Take Kenneth Faried At No. 17

With the No. 17 pick in the SB Nation 2011 NBA Mock Draft, Posting And Toasting, our New York Knicks blog, takes Kenneth Faried, a big man out of Morehead State. P&T's Seth Rosenthal explains the pick.

Based on what I've heard, I think the real Knicks would probably take Klay Thompson here, and that'd be fine by me. If I was in charge, though, I'd find it hard to pass on the one guy who has an elite skill (rebounding) that fits a major area of Knick need (rebounding).

I worry about that rebounding not translating from a small collegiate conference to professional competition, but then I look at Faried's hair, imagine him and Renaldo Balkman building a fort in the locker room and calling it "Club Dreads", and my worries evaporate. The Knicks need a garbage man, and Faried seems as good a candidate as any to fill that role.

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