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NBA Mock Draft 2011: Wizards Select Klay Thompson With No. 18 Pick

With the No. 18 pick in the SB Nation 2011 NBA Mock Draft, the Washington Wizards, presented by Bullets Forever, take Washington State wing Klay Thompson. Mike Prada of Bullets Forever has the explanation.

The Wizards employ John Wall as their star player, which means that finding shooters should be a priority. Thompson is one of the best shooters in this draft, and is adept at spotting up. He has a really efficient all-around offensive game and is adept at getting his points without monopolizing the ball. This separates him from a lot of other similar offensive wings in this draft, who can all score, but who have less developed off-ball games. Thompson is also a fairly decent creator for others, even if he may not project as an elite slasher.

I suspect Thompson will ultimately be a backup that can swing between shooting guard and small forward depending on matchups. He's insurance in case Nick Young walks in free agency, but unless Young's asking price is ridiculous, I doubt that happens. Instead, I see him being a 20-24 minute backup that can finish some games when the Wizards need an offensive boost.

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