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NBA Mock Draft 2011: Results Of SB Nation's Collaborative Mock

Over the last three days, the blogs of SB Nation executed a network-wide 2011 NBA Mock Draft, with each blog choosing their prospect at their team's allotted slot based on the who was left on the board. There were a number of surprises -- including our Wolves blog Canis Hoopus choosing Turkish center Enes Kanter before rumors suggested that was a legit possibility -- and some absurdly thorough explanations. I'd advise you to read through the whole mock to get a sense of why teams' most dedicated fans love some of these prospects.

For quick reference, here are the full results:

1. Cleveland Cavaliers / Fear The Sword: Kyrie Irving

2. Minnesota Timberwolves / Canis Hoopus: Enes Kanter

3. Utah Jazz / SLC Dunk: Derrick Williams

4. Cleveland Cavaliers / Fear The Sword: Jonas Valanciunas

5. Toronto Raptors / Raptors HQ: Brandon Knight

6. Washington Wizards / Bullets Forever: Bismack Biyombo

7. Sacramento Kings / Sactown Royalty: Kawhi Leonard

8. Detroit Pistons / Detroit Bad Boys: Kemba Walker

9. Charlotte Bobcats / Rufus On Fire: Jordan Hamilton

10. Milwaukee Bucks / Brew Hoop: Alec Burks

11. Golden State Warriors / Golden State Of Mind: Chris Singleton

12. Utah Jazz / SLC Dunk: Jimmer Fredette

13. Phoenix Suns / Bright Side Of The Suns: Marcus Morris

14. Houston Rockets / The Dream Shake: Jan Vesely

15. Indiana Pacers / Indy Cornrows: Marshon Brooks

16. Philadelphia 76ers / Liberty Ballers: Tristan Thompson

17. New York Knicks / Posting And Toasting: Kenneth Faried

18. Washington Wizards / Bullets Forever: Klay Thompson

19. Charlotte Bobcats / Rufus On Fire: Nikola Vucevic

20. Minnesota Timberwolves / Canis Hoopus: Tobias Harris

21. Portland Trail Blazers / Blazer's Edge: Donatas Motiejunas

22. Denver Nuggets / Denver Stiffs: Markieff Morris

23. Houston Rockets / The Dream Shake: Darius Morris

24. Oklahoma City Thunder / Welcome To Loud City: Nikola Mirotic

25. Boston Celtics / CelticsBlog: Jeremy Tyler

26. Dallas Mavericks / Mavs Moneyball: Nolan Smith

27. New Jersey Nets / NetsDaily: Jimmy Butler

28. Chicago Bulls / Blog A Bull: Charles Jenkins

29. San Antonio Spurs / Pounding The Rock: Kyle Singler

30. Chicago Bulls / Blog A Bull: Jon Leuer