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2011 NBA Draft Results: JaJuan Johnson Taken By New Jersey Nets For Boston Celtics

With the No. 27 pick in the 2011 NBA Draft, the New Jersey Nets selected JaJuan Johnson, who will be traded to the Boston Celtics for Marshon Brooks, as broken by SB Nation's Scott Schroeder and confirmed by Yahoo!'s Marc Spears.

Johnson proved his worth as a skilled big man for Purdue. He has range that extends to 20 feet or so, and occasionally past the three-point line, but also doesn't have the bulk to bang against the heavier NBA power forwards inside. So Johnson will have to rely on his good face-up game to make himself a reliable NBA player.

For more on the Celtics, visit SB Nation's Boston blog, CelticsBlog; for more on the Nets, visit NetsDaily.

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