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2011 NBA Draft Results: Lakers Pick Up Darius Morris, Spurs Take Davis Bertans In Second Round

The Los Angeles Lakers finally got involved in the 2011 NBA Draft in the middle of the second round, no doubt drawing a chorus of cheers in Hollywood.

With the No. 41 pick, the Lakers picked up 6'5 Michigan point guard Darius Morris, a prospect considered a solid passer but an iffy shooter. The Lakers are light at point guard in terms of talent, but have struck out on a number of raw point guards, including Javaris Crittendon and Jordan Farmar.

The San Antonio Spurs picked up Davis Bertans, a Latvian forward prospect, with the No. 42 pick, acquired from the Indiana Pacers in the George Hill-Kawhi Leonard trade.

With the No. 43 pick, the Chicago Bulls selected UCLA wing Malcolm Lee, a promising defensive role player. But Lee was shipped to the Minnesota Timberwolves in the messy Nikola Mirotic trade.

The Golden State Warriors picked up Hofstra point guard Charles Jenkins with the No. 44 pick. It's unclear whether they will keep him, given the 2,000 guards on their roster. (That's a slight exaggeration.)

At No. 45, the New York Knicks picked up Kentucky forward Josh Harrellson. He is a lot of fun.

The 2011 NBA Draft rolls on through Thursday night. Stay with this StoryStream for all of the 2011 NBA Draft results, check out our 2011 NBA Draft rumors and trades StoryStream for all the latest news from the NBA's craziest day, and hit our 2011 NBA Draft hub for full coverage of the draft, trades and the aftermath on Friday.