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Jordan Hamilton Called Uncoachable By Texas Coach Rick Barnes, According To Report

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Jordan Hamilton found himself sliding fast during the 2011 NBA Draft and nobody was quite sure why. Finally, with the 26th pick in the draft, the Dallas Mavericks ended Hamilton's misery and snatched him up, sending him to Portland where he was then shipped to Denver as part of a three-team trade. But why did Hamilton fall so far, nearly ending up on the outside of the first round altogether?

According to Hamilton, his own head coach, Rick Barnes, may have played a role. After the draft ended, Hamilton cleared the air, and told reporters he had reason to believe Barnes was telling NBA teams he was "uncoachable." (via Chris Tomasson)

Just talked to Jordan Hamilton. He said believes reason he slipped in draft was because coach Rick Barnes told teams he wasn’t 'coachable'
J. Hamilton: "(Barnes) called some teams and said that I probably wasn’t coachable and things like that. But I feel like I can be coachable'
Asked Jordan Hamilton how knows Rick Barnes allegedly called teams and said not coachable. Wouldn't give names, said "got some feedback.''
More Hamilton on Barnes: "I love Texas and everybody is entitled to their opinion.’’ But Hamilton still later called Barnes "great coach'

Harsh words. For a draft pick, and especially an underclassman, coachability is an important factor, though it tends to be ignored the more elite a prospect's skills are. Considering how far Hamilton fell, one has to wonder if the alleged statements Barnes made ahead of the draft played a role.

Whatever the case, Hamilton clearly wasn't pleased with the news and it showed in his somewhat sour post-draft interview.