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NBA Draft Grades 2011: Wizards Get Greedy, Land Jan Vesely, Chris Singleton

The Washington Wizards had just one lottery pick in the 2011 NBA Draft, but somehow ended up with two lottery players. Weird!

Gained: Jan Vesely, Chris Singleton, Shelvin Mack.

Gave up: Nothing.

Synopsis: The only two above-average players on the Wizards each got something to love on draft night. Point guard John Wall picked up a brilliant running mate in Vesely, a flyer who will no doubt find himself on the business end of a number of open court alley-oops. JaVale McGee, the team's quixotic center, found a partner in defensive crime in Singleton. 

Of course, these two guys play the same position. But Washington can very easily push either one to power forward for stretches (and maybe over the long-term) given McGee's weakside defense. Individually, Vesely has to develop his jumper quite a bit to avoid becoming a problem in the halfcourt, and Singleton has to be a legit threat from the NBA arc.

Picking up Mack is a wash -- he won't likely be anything spectacular, but you could do worse.

Grade: A.

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