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NBA Draft Grades 2011: Pistons Grab Brandon Knight, Point Guard of The Future (And Now)

The Detroit Pistons had rumors fly quickly before the 2011 NBA Draft, but the choice became pretty easy once their selection arrived, given what happened before it. Similarly, the grade to give the Pistons is rather straightforward.

Gained: Brandon Knight, Kyle Singler

Gave up: Nada.

Synopsis: Knight essentially fell into the Pistons' laps at No. 8. Knight had been rumored to go as high as No. 3, or definitely No. 5, but perhaps No. 7 if he really slipped. Nuh uh. The Jazz took Enes Kanter at No. 3, the Raptors opted for Jonas Valanciunas at No. 5 and the Kings traded out of No. 7. That left Joe Dumars and Detroit staring the top guard in the draft in the face. Dumars did the smart thing and pocketed Knight.

The situation wasn't all that different at No. 33, where Singler is most definitely an NBA player. Maybe he's a roleplayer, but he can give that team solid minutes very early in his career.

Grade: A.

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