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NBA Draft Grades 2011: Pacers Add To Coterie Of Backup Point Guards With George Hill

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The Indiana Pacers were in the fortuitous spot of having a No. 15 in the 2011 NBA Draft in which a number of prized talents slipped out of the lottery. The Pacers struck gold with ... George Hill. Did I say gold? I meant, uh, George Hill? They struck George Hill.

Gained: George Hill!

Gave up: Rights to Kawhi Leonard, rights to Davis Bertans.

Synopsis: With Paul George and Danny Granger on the wings, maybe neither Leonard or Chris Singleton were deemed necessary. But they each have to be more valuable than George Hill, right? Especially when you consider that the Pacers conceded a second-round pick that became so-called first-round talent Bertans.

The Pacers now have Darren Collison, Hill and A.J. Price under contract. Am I missing something? Is Indiana planning on merging Collison and Hill in a grand science experiment?

Grade: D.

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