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2011 NBA Draft Grades: Sixers Add Nikola Vucevic, A World Yawns

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The Philadelphia 76ers picked up big man Nikola Vucevic in the 2011 NBA Draft. You expect a good grade, don't you? Think again!

Gained: Nikola Vucevic, Lavoy Allen.

Gave up: Nothing.

Synopsis: Most mocks had Vucevic here for the past couple weeks; even's pathetic mock drafter, Tom Ziller, got it right! But that doesn't make it a good pick. Not at all.

You've gotta beware these workout wonders. Before the NBA Draft Combine, where Vucevic measured as the biggest player in the draft, he was a borderline first-round pick. He played at USC for three years. He's a well-known entity by the people who play closest attention, and he was a borderline first-round pick until everyone realized he was tall. That's not good!

Fit has to be balanced with talent. The Sixers needed a big man and can probably give Vucevic more early minutes than they could a wing. But guys like Chris Singleton looked like such better prospects, it's hard to cheer such an uninspiring punt.

Grade: C-.

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