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2011 NBA Draft Grades: Nuggets Come Up Aces With Jordan Hamilton, Andre Miller Trade

The Denver Nuggets didn't exactly seem primed to make big moves heading into the 2011 NBA Draft, but the team ended up flipping their No. 2 point guard for a cheaper No. 2 point guard of equal talent, and gained a potential lottery pick in Jordan Hamilton in the process. Spoiler alert!: that's a pretty good draft.

Gained: Andre Miller, Jordan Hamilton, Kenneth Faried.

Gave up: Raymond Felton.

Synopsis: Faried's a lovely pick-up at No. 22 -- most mocks (ours included) had the Blazers picking up the legendary Morehead State rebounder and defender. Faried could very well start at power forward on opening night for Denver. And he could very well be a plus player from the start.

Miller, if he's retained and not flipped for another big man or waived to free up cash to re-sign Nene, isn't at all a drop-off from Felton, who goes to Portland. To pick up Hamilton in the deal because Portland also sent Rudy Fernadez to the Mavericks? BIG OL' BONUS.

Grade: A+.

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