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2011 NBA Draft Grades: Celtics Are Big Fans Of Purdue Basketball, Apparently

The 2011 NBA Draft featured two Purdue Boilermakers. The Boston Celtics landed them both. Worth a high draft grade? Let's assess.

Gained: JaJuan Johnson, E'Twuan Moore, a 2014 second-rounder.

Gave up: The rights to Marshon Brooks.

Synopsis: The New Jersey Nets wanted Brooks but didn't think he'd last to No. 27 -- two picks after Boston's spot -- so they worked out a little deal that netted the Celtics the guy they wanted in Johnson and a minor future asset. (That the trade also resulted in the ESPN crew talking about how Brooks fits the style and culture of the Celtics for a solid three minutes is just a bonus!) Johnson is a big man, which should help the Celtics, who desperately need more big men. (Analysis!)

In the second round, Moore was the pick. The Celtics like it. I'll take their word on it.

Grade: B, I guess.

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