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2011 NBA Draft Grades: Nets Flutter About, Pick Up MarShon Brooks

The New Jersey Nets couldn't have been expected to pick up impact player with the No. 27 pick in the 2011 NBA Draft, but thanks to some slippage for a touted prospect, the team came out looking pretty smooth.

Gained: MarShon Brooks, Bogan Bogadanovic, Jordan Williams.

Gave up: Future second-round pick, cash.

Synopsis: Brooks was widely expected to be off of the board at No. 15 to the Pacers, but Indiana had Kawhi Leonard available and worked out a deal with the San Antonio Spurs for George Hill. That began Brooks' freefall into the 20s; the Nets saw him at No. 25, offered up a future second-round pick to the Boston Celtics to move up a couple picks and nailed it. Well done.

I'm not sure Brooks ever belonged all the way up at No. 15 -- he's a volume scorer, and I can get those at the dollar store -- but at No. 27? That'll work just fine.

The Nets bought Bogdanovic; he'll apparently remain in Turkey for one season and then jump to the Brooklyn Nets. (Some are skeptical he'll come over that soon.) Williams so vexed Maryland coach Gary Williams that the legend resigned. So he's ... something.

Grade: B+.

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