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NBA Draft Grades: Hawks Pick Up Keith Benson, Leaving Us Wanting More

The Atlanta Hawks like to spit on their fans by making the NBA Draft boring, usually by trading their first-round picks. But last year, they chose a mysterious prospect named Pape Sy late in the second round. It was a highlight. Would Atlanta reward the faithful again?

Gained: Keith Benson.

Gave up: Nothing.

Synopsis: Hey, I've heard of Keith Benson! The skilled, versatile big man from Oakland (not California) draws the dreaded "soft" adjective from draft watchers and college fans, and the primary knock is that he's not strong or tough in the frontcourt. Sharing a front line with Al Horford and Zaza Pachulia? Toughness is accounted for. 

I'm just disappointed they didn't steal Targuy Ngombo from the Wolves. That would have been the proper Hawks/Rick Sund thing to do.

Grade: B.

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