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Tanguy Ngombo Is Actually 26, David Kahn Bought An Ineligible Draft Pick, According To Report

Tanguy Ngombo may have been the Internet's biggest revelation, or one giant prank pulled over the heads of the Minnesota Timberwolves. Earlier this week, DraftExpress floated his name and noted the Minnesota connection. He was the hidden gem, tucked away in Qatar and deemed worthy of a flier by the Timberwolves. So Minnesota pounced, buying the rights to the 57th pick from Dallas to draft 21-year-old Ngombo. And the Internet rejoiced.

Except there was one small problem with the pick, and it may be the most David Kahn thing ever.

It turns out, Ngombo isn't actually 21: He's 26-years-old if the FIBA roster is to be believed. He's also ineligible for the draft, meaning the Timberwolves bought the rights to a pick that will now be voided (picture is of the FIBA roster and is courtesy of DraftExpress).


So we all thought Kahn made it through the draft without screwing anything up or making any monumentally stupid moves. And then, with just a few picks left in the draft, he does this. Never leave us, Kahn.

More on the story can be found over SB Nation Minnesota.