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Thomas Robinson Declares For 2012 NBA Draft

Thomas Robinson will declare for the 2012 NBA Draft on Monday, according to a report by ESPN.


Thomas Robinson will hold a news conference with Kansas head coach Bill Self on Monday, the school announced. A news conference by a college basketball star around this time of the year usually means one thing: NBA Draft time! Robinson, who was one of the nation's top big men, is expected to declare for the 2012 NBA Draft at that press conference, according to a report by ESPN.

Update: Robinson officially declared.

The news comes by way of Recruit Scoop, passing along an ESPN report by Chad Ford.

It's no surprise to see Robinson jumping ship for the NBA a year early, and he has certainly earned it. Robinson has been a star this season, and been through hell and back on his journey to the NBA. As an easy lottery pick, Robinson stands to earn a significant windfall by going pro early, and had little reason to return with his stock through the roof.