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NBA Draft Rumors: Bobcats Looking To Trade No. 2 Pick, May Be Targeting James Harden

One of the worst-kept secrets of the 2012 NBA Draft is that the Charlotte Bobcats are looking to trade the No. 2 pick for an established player. Having failed to win the Anthony Davis derby, the Bobcats seemingly would rather have several young assets or a more established player than the No. 2 pick.

A new potential trade target has emerged, and he is currently playing in the 2012 NBA Finals. James Harden, the Oklahoma City Thunder's ace sixth man, was mentioned as a possible return for the No. 2 pick, according to CBS Sports' Jeff Goodman.

One source said that Oklahoma City's James Harden could be in play due to the Thunder's salary situation following next season. GM Sam Presti already has Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook on the books for more than $29 million next season -- and both Harden and Serge Ibaka will command huge contracts after the 2012-13 campaign.

This does not mean that the Thunder will look to trade Harden, though. From the sounds of it, Goodman's source is not affiliated with the Thunder and is only guessing a possible target based on the Thunder's salary-cap quandary.

Earlier Thursday, SB Nation's Tom Ziller argued that, if the Thunder can only keep one of Harden and Ibaka due to money concerns, it should be Ibaka.

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