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2012 NBA Draft Prospects: Bradley Beal Scouting Report Video

When the NCAA basketball season concluded, the top three in the 2012 NBA Draft seemed to be set in stone, and it didn't include Bradley Beal. Since then, he's shot up draft boards, both because he's impressed scouts and because he fills a need for multiple teams near the top of the draft order. The University of Florida shooting guard now appears to be a near lock for the top-five, and could even crash the party for Thomas Robinson and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist in the top-three.

Beal isn't an elite finisher at the rim yet, which isn't surprising given that he's a a tiny bit undersized for an NBA shooting guard at 6'4". He also has a lot of work to do on defense, but there's no reason that he won't be able to improve both as a defender and a finisher given his elite athleticism.

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