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2012 NBA Draft Prospects: Jeremy Lamb Scouting Report Video

Jeremy Lamb's UConn squad sputtered a bit without Kemba Walker, but it wasn't for lack of scoring from the sophomore wing. The 6' 5" two-guard hung 17.7 points per game on his opponents and is looking to be a lottery pick in Thursday night's NBA Draft.

One thing's for sure: Lamb can flat-out put up points. Nobody could take that away from him in college, and he'll likely be able to keep putting up decent numbers on the scoresheet in the NBA. However, it's the rest of his game that might hurt him. He's not a big fan of passing and, while he has the length and athleticism to be quite a good defender, he hasn't been a monster in that department. His demeanor sometimes earned criticism of being "too laid back." Lamb will definitely go in the lottery, but past that he might not be a great fit, as teams lower in the draft probably won't be in need of primary scorers.

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