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2012 NBA Draft Prospects: Andre Drummond Scouting Report Video

If our own NBA bloggers mock draft is any indication, Andre Drummond could be tasked with breaking two separate curses when he begins his professional basketball career. Drummond is projected to go to the Portland Trail Blazers in that mock, a franchise where centers go to suffer crippling career-ending injuries. He already has to deal with the stigma of being an uber-talented and athletic big man from the University of Connecticut, a phrase that has described a good number of NBA flops over the last decade.

The good news is that he has no known serious health problems and is an absolute monster defensively.

The bad news is that Drummond did not produce as expected in his only season of college basketball. Before Anthony Davis became a dominant force in college basketball and Drummond had an entire season to not make significant progress, he was considered the possible No. 1 overall selection. Now, he might fall out of the top five.

There's no reason to think Drummond can't contribute as a solid interior defender almost immediately in the NBA, but his offensive game needs serious work and there are questions lingering about whether he displaces the necessary intensity on the court to stick in the pros. He could be a big boom-or-bust candidate that needs to land in the right situation.

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