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2012 NBA Draft Prospects: Damian Lillard Scouting Report Video

Damian Lillard didn't receive a lot of attention during the regular season, but that hasn't stopped the Weber State point guard from popping up in the lottery of most mocks heading the 2012 NBA Draft. There's a good reason why Lillard is up there, too -- because he's very good at what he does.

For those that need to brush up on their knowledge, the fine folks at SB Nation have put together a video scouting report embedded below for all to enjoy.

The fact that Lillard is compared to Lindsey Hunter -- a point guard who was a full-time starter during just four of his 17 seasons -- is probably not what the fans of whichever team that drafts him will want to hear. That said, though, there's a reason that Hunter was able to stick around in the league through his 39th birthday.

Regardless of Lillard's NBA player comparisons, he should be a good little point guard considering how he stayed so far under the radar.

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