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2012 NBA Draft Prospects: Tyler Zeller Scouting Report Video

Tyler Zeller isn't going to be the sexiest pick in the 2012 NBA Draft, but the four-year power forward for the North Carolina Tar Heels seems like he'll be around the NBA for a long time. He comes from a pretty solid basketball family and continued to improve while in college, unlike some players who stagnate after their initial couple of seasons.

For those unfamiliar with Zeller's game, the crew over at SB Nation's production studio has put together an excellent synopsis of him in their scouting report video.

The Brook Lopez comparison seems to be a bit on the optimistic side, but Zeller could get there if he continues to improve. The P.J. Brown comparison isn't awful, but Zeller likely is going to surprise people once he gets to the NBA with his shooting touch and versatility that didn't quite show through during his college career.

For more, head over to SB Nation's NBA Draft page.