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2012 NBA Draft Prospects: Kendall Marshall Scouting Report Video

Kendall Marshall isn't the flashiest player in the 2012 NBA Draft, but there's a pretty good chance he ends up being the best point guard when it all is said and done. His season ended unfortunately early due to injury, causing the North Carolina Tar Heels an earlier-than-planned exit during the NCAA Tournament.

Marshall's not a gifted scorer and isn't going to wow anyone with his athleticism, but there are quite a few things he's better than average at on the basketball court. For more on that, SB Nation Studios has put together a nice little scouting report on the man some know as "Butter."

It's tough to compare anyone to Mark Jackson, a point guard that grasps basketball so well that he's already an NBA head coach, but it obviously bodes well for Marshall that he's earning that type of comparison this early in his career.

For more, head over to SB Nation's NBA Draft page.