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NBA Draft 2012: Perry Jones III Sliding Due To Medical Concerns, According To Report

Baylor forward Perry Jones III has been sliding down the draft boards, and many believe it has to do with his inconsistent play and so-so college career at Baylor. However, there could be another factor causing his drop. Several team doctors have red-flagged Jones because they are concerned about his knee, according to ESPN's Chad Ford.

It looks like Jared Sullinger isn't the only big time NBA draft prospect to have medical issues hurt his stock.

Multiple league sources say that NBA team doctors are concerned about a meniscus issue in Baylor forward Perry Jones III's knee.

Medical red flags are common, but they aren't universal across the board. Some teams are more cautious with handing them out, while others tend to ignore them. It's a safe bet that Jones' medical issues are just a small reason why his stock is hitting a snag.

That said, the prospect of future knee issues isn't helping Jones either.

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