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2012 NBA Draft Results: Two Baylor Players, Will Barton, Get Selected in Picks 36-40

The picks keep coming fast and furious in the second round, where the contracts aren't guaranteed and the draftees might need to start updating their passports.

No. 36: Orlando Johnson; UC - Santa Barbara - With the pick, the Sacramento Kings just got more versatile. Johnson, who will get knocked for not playing against top competition playing in the Big West, is a solid all-around offensive player that could develop into a nice role player for the young Kings.

No. 37: Quincy Acy; Baylor - If Perry Jones is Baylor's underachiever, then the Bears' Quincy Acy is their overachiever. An energy guy that gave Scott Drew's team the physicality down low they were often criticized for not having enough of, Acy is a quintessential guy who plays bigger than he really is. Toronto Raptors fans should feel good about this selection

No. 38: Quincy Miller; Baylor - Frankly, you're not sure what you're getting here. A highly touted player coming out of high school as a member of the class of 2011, Miller is a nice mid-range player but plays a bit soft for a 6-10 player. He lacks the explosiveness you'd like to see from a player of his size. If he wants to get minutes with Denver, he'll need to be able to fill the lane along Ty Lawson as part of a fast paced offense.

No. 39: Khris MIddleton; Texas A&M - Eh. Middleton is a good shooter, a good player, but probably could have benefited from staying in school for another season. That idea is sort of falling out of fashion with players who may not be as good as we think they are, but MIddleton's injury problems are what pushed him off NBA scout's radars this winter. Another full year of college - one where he could have challenged for Big 12 player of the year - may have been the right move. Nonetheless, he got drafted and the Pistons staff will need to work with him on becoming a consistent scorer.

No. 40: Will Barton; Memphis - Look out, Portland, y'all might have just gotten a steal here in the second round. The Tigers disappointed last season, but Barton quietly was a stud. He can create on his own and plays with passion.

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