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The Maloofs, Who Insist They Are Not Broke, Continue To Prove They Are Broke

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The Maloofs tell everyone who asks that they are flush with assets, liquid enough to run an NBA team like the one that they own, the Sacramento Kings, and be competitive. This is despite the fact that the Kings have been at the salary floor -- that is, the lowest legal salary a team can carry as assigned by NBA rules -- for the past two seasons. This is despite the fact that the Maloofs tanked a historic funding deal for a new arena because they didn't want to take on additional debt, debt that the NBA was prepared to cover 10 percent of.

This is despite the fact that the Maloofs have in their employment one of the lowest-paid general managers, one of the thinnest basketball operations departments and one of the lowest-paid coaches in the entire league.

This is despite numerous offers from Very Wealthy Men to purchase the team and keep it in Sacramento.

On Thursday, the Kings, who have just 11 players under contract, sold pick No. 36 to the Pacers for cash. You know who sells picks for cash? Teams with too many players under contract and teams bumping up against the luxury tax line.

Oh, and teams whose owners are broke.

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