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2012 NBA Draft Results: Run On European Players Begins

Last year, many of the teams at the end of the second round seemed to be engaged in an one-upping contest as to who could pick the most obscure foreign player. It's all harmless fun, but the Sacramento Kings were able to unearth a solid NBA point guard in Isaiah Thomas with the No. 60 overall pick.

No. 51: Boston Celtics -- Kris Joseph, Syracuse

Boston took their second Syracuse player in this draft, although Joseph will have an uphill climb to make their Opening Day roster. He has decent size for a small forward (6'7", 215 pounds) and he can shoot from the outside (34.5%), but he doesn't bring much else to the table.

No. 52: Golden State Warriors -- Ognjen Kuzmic, Bosnia


No. 53: LA Clippers -- Furkan Aldemir, Turkey

Clippers fans shouldn't get too excited about Aldemir as he is reportedly being dealt for cash. What a surprising penny-pinching move by Donald Sterling.

No. 54: Philadelphia 76ers (Trade to the New Jersey Nets) -- Tornike Shengelia, Georgia

New Jersey continues buying up picks at the back end of the second round. Maybe Mikhail Prokhorov has some inside information from his time in Europe.

No. 55: Dallas Mavericks (Trade to the LA Lakers) -- Darius Johnson-Odom, Marquette

A tough and athletic 6'3", 215-pound combo guard, Odom is already a better player than Steve Blake, whatever that's worth.