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Portland Trail Blazer Fans React To 2012 NBA Draft Picks

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The Portland Trail Blazers entered the 2012 NBA draft in position to add two key components to their roster. With the No. 6 and No. 11 picks, the team had the opportunity to add two new stars.

Portland used the No. 6 pick to select Damian Lillard and took Meyers Leonard with the No. 11 pick. Judging by reaction on SB Nation's Trail Blazers blog Blazers Edge, their fans were less than satisfied.

On the Lillard selection:

"With Harrison Barnes available? Not happy with the pic honestly." - Loudpackiao

"Bayless 2.0... Great... Not happy about this one." - THEvanCOUVErite

On the Leonard selection:

"Ugggghhhhh Hate this pick" - RipCityTCS

"Ugh. I'm officially depressed." - howlingfantods

One Blazers Edge summed up the Portland draft with this"

"Not a very sexy Blazers Draft. Gotta trust the powers that be I guess." -

William Nelson

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