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2012 NBA Draft Results: Robert Sacre Is The NBA's Mr. Irrelevant

While many agents would rather their players go undrafted and pick their team rather than go at the end of the second round, being drafted is still something the players can tell their grandkids about one day.

This year, Robert Sacre (Gonzaga) got the dubious honor of being the NBA's "Mr. Irrelevant" when he was taken No. 60 overall by the L.A. Lakers. He doesn't have to look far for inspiration, as Isaiah Thomas, last year's "Mr. Irrelevant," not only made the Sacramento Kings roster, but started the majority of the season.

Sacre, a 7'0", 260-pound center who is reasonably coordinated and not completely unathletic, has a decent chance to make an NBA roster. Yes, these are the standards that 7'0" have to meet to play in the best basketball league in the world.

As always, there are several players who went undrafted who may end up as solid NBA players: William Buford (Ohio State), Drew Gordon (New Mexico), Kevin Jones (West Virginia), Scott Machado (Iona), Terrell Stoglin (Maryland), Henry Sims (Georgetown) and JaMychal Green (Alabama).

And with that, it's over. Goodnight, New Jersey!