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Chris Bosh Finally Gets His NBA League Pass

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Being a professional athlete in Miami has so many advantages. The clubs, the women, the temperature, the lifestyle, and of course the greatest fans in the history of the world. (Just kidding). But if you're Chris Bosh, that stuff is trivial compared to the real advantage of living in South Beach: the ability to finally get NBA League Pass.

Because, apparently, Bosh couldn't get NBA League Pass up in Toronto. At least that's what he said to ESPN's Brian Windhorst today.

Chris Bosh said he's happy because he can get League Pass now in Miami. In Toronto, said he didn't have "the good cable."less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone


Forget the lifestyle and the ability to be LeBron James' and Dwyane Wade's lapdog. No, what really drove Chris Bosh to Miami is that he could finally have "the good cable." Naturally, this has spurred plenty of Twitter reaction, including the brilliant "Chris Bosh diary" movement. 

But just to review, Bosh has now done the following things since taking his talents to South Beach:


  • Admitted he was playing "mind games" with people before making his decision. 
  • Said that Toronto was "different" in pretty much every way, and admitted he didn't want to go there when he was drafted. 
  • (From the same article), said that "nothing ever worked out" in Toronto.
  • Said he wanted to be on ESPN and TNT more, because Toronto didn't get much national recognition. 
  • Tweeted that he's excited his grandmother can now see him on TV.
  • Claimed that "really, it's all about being on TV at the end of the day."
  • Said that it was actually all about winning, but admitted talk of him being a free agent was a "distraction" last year.
Enjoy that return trip to Toronto, Chris.