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Carmelo Anthony Will Only Sign With Nuggets If Traded To Knicks, According To Report

Denver Nuggets forward Carmelo Anthony has essentially demanded a trade to the New York Knicks, according to ESPN’s Chris Sheridan. Two months ago Anthony described the possibility of re-signing with the Nuggets as “an option,” which is still sort of technically the case. It’s just that actually playing for the Nuggets wouldn’t be an option.

Anthony was also quoted as saying he doesn’t think he’d be traded anywhere besides New York if he did sign, meaning it’s Knicks or bust at this point. We’ve known for months that Anthony is all but certain to leave the Nuggets, and that the Knicks have been at the front of the pack. Now it sounds like the Knicks are the entire pack.

The article’s source is described as using “the most definitive language possible” in describing the certainty of Anthony’s intentions, which surely involves some sort of hex or the words spoken at the creation of the universe or just an amazing amount of cussing.

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