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President Obama Apparently Cancels On Wizards-Heat Game

President Barack Obama was expected to attend Saturday's Heat-Wizards game in Washington. People were excited, in part because he's the President, and in part because we all would have been able to crack dozens of hilarious jokes regarding the Secret Service having to search Gilbert Arenas' locker. Get it? Because guns?

Unfortunately, it looks as though the President had to cancel. But if you were wondering whether his presence would make an impact, here are the seven other major sporting events he's attended (as far as I could find) since taking office:

February 27, 2009: Wizards 113, Bulls 90
August 1, 2010: Mystics 87, Tulsa 62
January 30, 2010: Georgetown 89, Duke 77

July 14, 2009: American League 4, National League 3 (MLB All-Star Game)
April 5, 2010: Phillies 11, Nationals 1
June 18, 2010: White Sox 2, Nationals 1
November 27, 2010: Oregon State 84, Howard 74