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How Did The Milwaukee Bucks Beat The Lakers? Earl Boykins, That's How


It was SO cute to see that the Bucks were neck-and-neck with the Lakers through the first three quarters in Los Angeles last night. But it was kind of crazy to look up this morning and see the final score. How did "neck-and-neck midway through the third" turn into a 19-point blowout?

Um... EARL BOYKINS!!!! That's how.

I know what you're thinking: Earl Boykins is still in the NBA? And, yeah: Earl Boykins is still in the NBA! It's always been super cute to see him in the NBA, but it never stops being crazy that a 5'5 150 pound guard--a sixth grader, basically--can dominate an NBA game. You might have assumed he was out of the league by now, but...

Once again, he was the little sparkplug / whirling dervish / waterbug / Poison Arrow Frog that saved the Bucks and killed the Lakers Tuesday night. 22 points with four three-pointers for the Bucks, who were playing with just nine players (and without Brandon Jennings), but finished the game on a 21-7 run.

But they had Earl! And he's got enough poison in him to kill an elephant.

That's right, an elephant.