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Charles Oakley, Stephen Silas Added To Charlotte Bobcats Coaching Staff

Former Knicks banger Charles Oakley and Warriors assistant coach Stephen Silas will join new interim coach Paul Silas at the helm of the Charlotte Bobcats, according to reports. Oakley confirmed his move on his Twitter account. The elder Silas took over the team Wednesday as Larry Brown resigned and his entire staff was dismissed.

Oakley has never coached in the NBA. He retired from the Houston Rockets in 2004, though in recent years claimed he could still play in the league. He has been pushing for an opportunity as an assistant coach, and is considered Michael Jordan's best friend. Jordan owns the Bobcats.

The younger Silas had previously served as an assistant under his father in Cleveland. Both Silases were fired by Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert in March 2005 as the team made a playoff run with a 20-year-old LeBron James. Silas has served this season as one of Keith Smart's deputies at Golden State, and has been said to have been instrumental in reviving Monta Ellis' commitment to the team.

Yahoo!'s Adrian Wojnarowski also reports that Ralph Lewis, a former Sonics and Thunder assistant coach, will join the staff. Former Charlotte Hornets Muggsy Bogues and P.J. Brown were rumored to be prospects as well, but Woj said it doesn't appear either will join the team.