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VIDEO: Hedo Turkoglu Can't Melt Stan Van Gundy's Icy Heart

Hedo Turkoglu has returned to the Orlando Magic, bringing great joy to all of the humans of central Florida. Well, almost all of the humans.

Turkoglu hit four three-pointers in Orlando's come-from-behind victory over the Boston Celtics on Christmas Day, helping contribute to his game-high +30 on-court plus-minus mark. Magic coach Stan Van Gundy's reactions, though, tell me the shots were outside the context of the offense. From The Basketball Jones, some SVG anti-celebrations:

Van Gundy is renowned as one of the least-likely-to-smile coaches in the NBA. Rarely pleased with any small or large victory and once dubbed the "Master of Panic" by Shaquille O'Neal, SVG experiences about a week's worth of normal stress per each quarter of a game. These reactions are perfect examples of Van Gundy's existence, and explanations as to why SVG is going to need another break from the sidelines pretty darned soon.

Or maybe Van Gundy just sees the truth behind the fleeting success Hedo's Orlando reconstitution has provided. Perhaps SVG knows in his heart of hearts that while Turkoglu II looks good now, it's a highway to spring disaster. Maybe Stan feels just like the fans of Toronto felt last year: "No, Hedo. Don't shoot. Don't ... shoot ..."

Either way, this clip is worth enough smiles to vault SVG way up the NBA Coach Power Rankings.