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Nate Robinson Forgets Shoes, Borrows Shaq's Instead

Nate Robinson seems like a fun guy. I mean he's the type of guy I'd want to be buddies with, and not just because he likes to hand-feed cookies to his closest friends. Apparently this little jokester thought it would be funny to walk a mile run suicides in the shoes of Celtics teammate "The Big Nickname". Clown shoe-filled hilarity ensues.

What's more impressive is that he then jumps up and grabs the rim in shoes that have to weigh at least 75lbs each. That's diesel. 

Interesting video observations :

1. Glen Davis is horribly shaped. 

2. Paul Pierce is ambidextrous. 

3. Training camp seems like a lot of sitting around (if you're a starter).

4. No one told Doc Rivers that sweater vests and basketball shorts don't go. I would, but, you know. 

[Video via Jose3030]