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Brandon Roy Doesn't Think His Knees Will Ever Be '100 Percent,' Even After Surgery

Brandon Roy's 2010/11 season has taken a depressing turn for the worse, thanks to pain in both knees that required surgery. The concern many Portland Trail Blazers fans have is that Roy will simply never be the same, given all the issues he's had with those knees.

Roy did little to quench those concerns in an interview on 95.5 The Game yesterday. He admitted that he probably will never be 100 percent healthy again. Via Sports Radio Interviews.

"Well I don't think medically I will ever be able to get back to 100%."

Roy went on to say that he still thinks he can get back and play at a "high level," as long as he listens to the doctor's advice and doesn't rush back, but that first statement is concerning. It's probably true, of course, but you never want to hear the player say it. 

Roy also said that he thinks the fans have been supportive, and that he hopes he will look back on all this one day and say he overcame great odds to make it all the way back, but man, that first statement is a buzz kill.