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VIDEO: Suns' Dancer Dunks Himself

You know how it goes during NBA games. The mascot and his pose roll out the trampoline and padded mats during a timeout and they go to town on that rim.

Jumping and slamming and blaring some totally awesome music designed to get the people who paid to see their team lose feel like they got some kind of show that at least in Phoenix, is no longer being provided by the team on the court ... and no, Vince Carter, aka Half Man, No Longer Amazing, is not getting it done.

For the Phoenix Suns, this routine is lead by Hall of Fame mascot, The Gorilla. 

During Wednesday's show something went horribly wrong right (and not just for the Suns who are treating their fans to a season of post-Amare suck).

One of the hyper, dancing kids -- they call them the Sol Patrol, which is clever because "sol" means "sun" in Spanish -- goes up for his dunk and somehow manages to fall head first through the rim. Unplanned. 

Seriously, I was there when it happened and more importantly, You Tube proves it (at about 1:30 mark).