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Heat Vs. Knicks: Dwyane Wade Shoved Out Of Spotlight By Landry Fields In New York Win

Dwyane Wade had a marvelous performance at Madison Square Garden, as the stars often do. Wade scored 34 points on 14-22 shooting with 16 rebounds and five assists. His star teammate LeBron James added in 24 points, 11 rebounds and five assists. But it wasn't enough, as the New York Knicks came back from a nine-point deficit in the fourth quarter to knock off the Miami Heat 93-88.

The Knicks opened the fourth with a 16-5 run over seven minutes to capture an 80-78 lead, the team's first since the second quarter. Rookie Landry Fields, a Stanford product few believed would make the NBA when the Knicks took him in the second round of the 2010 draft, led the charge, scoring five points in that span and eight in the fourth quarter. Danilo Gallinari came off the bench midway through the fourth to add some outside firepower; he ended up with nine points in the final seven minutes.

On the other side, LeBron and Wade had difficulty thriving together. Through three quarters, Wade starred and LeBron strugged. After three, Wade had 33 points on hot 14-15 shooting. LeBron had just 14 points on 4-18 shooting. The script was flipped in the fourth: Wade shot 0-7 and scored a single point, while James scored 10 on 3-6 shooting. After combining for nine assists in the first three quarters, the pair totaled one in the fourth. Their teammates shot a combined 2-8 in the final period.

That's all the Knicks needed, because while the Knicks are no great team, they are good enough to win games like this, even against elite opposition. Fields ended up with 19 points, 13 rebounds and six rebounds, a great all-around performance. Amar'e Stoudemire was efficient on his way to 24 points, despite an 0-3 fourth quarter. Gallinari was, on the whole, middling, and Wilson Chandler and Raymond Felton were basically awful. That's how good Fields was, how important his performance was. Without him, this is a Heat win.

Landry Fields is deciding important NBA games!