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Bill Walton Is Still The Greatest, And You Kids Shouldn't Do Drugs

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"Hey kids, do drugs."

Err... Just kidding. Years later, we find out it was all a joke by Scot Pollard gone horribly awry. So, no. Don't do drugs.  Smoking the dope won't help you cope. Didn't you see drugs on last night's Community? Wait, don't answer that.


Just get high on life and Bill Walton.

'Cause really, listening to Bill Walton speak can't be that different from being on acid, yourself:

And last night he was back at it during the Celtics-Blazers game, where Ray Allen's shooting was "flawless … like Yosemite Falls coming right through the rim." And we learned that Greg Oden should "move to Hawaii, lose a ton of weight and start all over… become a yoga master."

More highlights from his surprise appearance are here. Isn't he's just the best?

So I guess what I'm saying is, don't do drugs. Listen to Bill Walton. But then, if you do do drugs, maybe you could be Bill Walton. So... Whoa, kids. Pretty heady dilemma right there.