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VIDEO: Blake Griffin Throws Down 50-Foot Alley-Oop Dunk From Randy Foye

You're not going to believe this: Blake Griffin dunked in a Clippers game last night, and it was kind of awesome.

That Griffin can dunk three-quarter-court passes like that is really no surprise; he's already thrown down a lob from half court in a game this year, and with a bigger finish. This is, somehow, what we expect from Blake Griffin at this point: enormous dunks and humongous misses and a highlight every night.

But how about the pass from Randy Foye?

It's a picture-perfect dime from 50 feet! (Maybe more, actually: this is one of the few times announcer hyperbole hasn't been enough.) From Randy Foye! Blake Griffin may be a force of nature down low and a direct descendant of Thor with the ball in the air, but he's also making the Clippers good.

That could be Griffin's greatest achievement in the NBA: overcoming Donald Sterling's omnipresent and colossal bad karma takes powerful magic, indeed.

(Video via SLAM.)