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Blake Griffin Will Star In 2011 NBA Dunk Contest

Broderick Turner of the Los Angeles Times reports that Clipper rookie/destroyer of men Blake Griffin will indeed be invited to take part in the NBA's dunk contest during All-Star Weekend in Los Angeles this February. Joining Griffin will reportedly be two big men -- the Wizards' JaVale McGee and the Thunder's Serge Ibaka -- and Bucks guard Brandon Jennings.

That last name is what makes the report seem a little queasy: Jennings isn't known as a great NBA dunker, and he happens to currently be recovering from surgery to repair his broken foot. Jennings is due back in action sometime between Jan. 19 and Feb. 2. The dunk contest is Feb. 19. That leaves plenty of time for Jennings to shake off the rust, but are the Bucks really going to sign off on an exhibition showcase with a player as important as Jennings during the stretch run? We'll see.

Griffin is the overwhelming favorite -- home court advantage is just gravy. But can the other contenders give him a run? A survey of their best work after the jump.

McGee, a 7-foot bundle of matchsticks and Red Bull, earns most of his dunk-y notice on alley-oops, but he can do a bit on his own.

Ibaka is best known for his adept shotblocking skill, but here's a pretty nasty bop from Eric Maynor:

Jennings' best dunk work seemingly came in high school, but that's cool. We'll accept it.

You know Blake!'s dunks all too well; choosing one is like standing at the butcher counter looking a cuts of sirloin. TOO MUCH GOOD STUFF. So let's just invite Timofey Mozgov back into our lives and be done with it.